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Cockpit Host Bridge

Examples (TL;DR)


cockpit-bridge [--help] [--packages]


The cockpit-bridge program is used by Cockpit to relay messages and commands from the Web front end to the server. Among other things it relays DBus, and spawns processes on behalf of the Web user interface.

This program is not routinely run by users or administrators. It is in the $PATH so that Cockpit can find it when connecting between hosts. However there are some diagnostics available when running from the command line.



Show help options.


Interact with the raw cockpit1 protocol. Useful for debugging and testing. Specify a boundary which should be on an empty line between messages.


List all available Cockpit packages and exit. Note this includes packages available to the user running this command.


Show Cockpit version information.


Please send bug reports to either the distribution bug tracker or the upstream bug tracker[1].


Cockpit has been written by many contributors[2].

See Also



  1. upstream bug tracker
  2. contributors

Referenced By

cockpit(1), cockpit-desktop(1), cockpit-ws(8).

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