cmus-remote man page

cmus-remote — control cmus


cmus-remote [OPTION]... [FILE|DIR|PLAYLIST]...
cmus-remote -C COMMAND...


Add FILE/DIR/PLAYLIST to playlist, library (-l) or play queue (-q).

If no arguments are given cmus-remote reads raw commands from stdin (one command per line). Raw commands are cmus' command mode commands. These same commands are used in configuration files and key bindings. cmus(1) contains full list of commands. For consistency also searching is supported: -C /text.

If -C is given, all command line arguments are treated as raw commands.


--server SOCKET
Connect using socket SOCKET instead of $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/cmus-socket.
Display usage information and exit.
Display version information and exit.
-p, --play
Start playing.
-u, --pause
Toggle pause.
-U, --pause-playback
Pause if currently playing.
-s, --stop
Stop playing.
-n, --next
Skip forward in playlist.
-r, --prev
Skip backward in playlist.
-R, --repeat
Toggle repeat.
-S, --shuffle
Toggle shuffle.
-v, --volume VOL
Change volume. See vol command in cmus(1).
-k, --seek SEEK
Seek. See seek command in cmus(1).
Get player status information. Same as -C status. Note that status is a special command only available to cmus-remote.
-l, --library
Modify library instead of playlist.
-P, --playlist
Modify playlist (default).
-q, --queue
Modify play queue instead of playlist.
-c, --clear
Clear playlist, library (-l) or play queue (-q).
-C, --raw
Treat arguments (instead of stdin) as raw commands.

Remote Commands

Special commands only available to cmus-remote.


Print information about currently playing track.


Print arguments as Format Strings. Each argument starts a new line.


Add playlists/files/directories/URLs to library view (1 & 2):

$ cmus-remote -l music.m3u \

Load (clear and add) playlist to playlist view (3):

$ cmus-remote -c music.m3u

Three different ways to toggle repeat:

$ cmus-remote -R
$ cmus-remote -C "toggle repeat"
$ cmus-remote
toggle repeat

Query settings or key bindings:

$ cmus-remote -C "set repeat?"
setting: 'repeat=false'
$ cmus-remote -C "showbind common a"
bind common a win-add-l

Dump the playlist to stdout:

$ cmus-remote -C "save -p -"

Search works too:

$ cmus-remote -C /beatles

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Written by Timo Hirvonen <>

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