clufter-pcs2pcscmd-flatiron man page

clufter — pcs2pcscmd-flatiron


clufter [<global option> ...] pcs2pcscmd-flatiron [<cmd option ...>]


(Corosync/CMAN,Pacemaker) cluster cfg. -> reinstating pcs commands


-h, --help

show help message and exit

-H, --help-full

full help message and exit

Command options:

-c CCS, --ccs=CCS

input Corosync/CMAN (+fence_pcmk) configuration file [/etc/cluster/cluster.conf]

-i CIB, --cib=CIB

input proper Pacemaker cluster config. file (CIB) [/var/lib/pacemaker/cib/cib.xml]

-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT

pcs commands to reinstate the cluster per the inputs [-]

-f, --force

may the force be with emitted pcs commands [disabled]

-n, --noauth

skip authentication step (OK if already set up) [disabled]

-s, --silent

do not track the progress along the steps execution (echoes) [disabled]

-t TMP_CIB, --tmp-cib=TMP_CIB

file to accumulate the changes (empty ~ direct push, avoid!) [tmp-cib.xml]

-r, --dry-run

omit intrusive commands (TMP_CIB reset if empty) [disabled]

-e, --enable

enable cluster infrastructure services (autostart on reboot) [disabled]

-w START_WAIT, --start-wait=START_WAIT

fixed seconds to give cluster to come up initially [60]

-g, --noguidance

omit extraneous guiding [disabled]

-x, --set-exec

make the output file executable (not recommended) [disabled]


for commands rewrapping (0/-1/neg. ~ auto/disable/hi-limit) [0]


do not validate any step (even if self-checks present) [disabled]


do not interact (validation failure recovery, etc.) [disabled]


customize editor to run (unused in batch mode) [/usr/bin/nano]


do not care about pretty-printed output [disabled]


(Advanced) debug only: NOOPize filter (2+: repeat) [none out of cmd-annotate, cmd-wrap, ccspcmk2pcscmd, cib-revitalize, cib-meld-templates, cib2pcscmd]


(Advanced) debug only: dump (intermediate) output of the filter (2+: repeat) [none out of cmd-annotate, cmd-wrap, ccspcmk2pcscmd, cib-revitalize, cib-meld-templates, cib2pcscmd, ANY]


(Advanced) enable XSLT profiling (auxiliary files produced) [disabled]

Common options:

Either in global (before <cmd>) or command scope (after <cmd>).


(Advanced) override autodetected system [linux]


override target distro (for SYS=linux; see --list-dists) [fedora,32,]

-q, --quiet

refrain from unnecesary messages (usually on stderr)


colorize messages if available [auto out of auto, never, always]

-d, --debug

shortcut for --loglevel=DEBUG


specify log file (instead of stderr)



Arguments to value-based `command options' can go without labels when the order wrt. parsing logic respected; skipping those backed by default values otherwise requiring specification then allowed by syntactic sugar: all can be passed as a single, first, ::-delimited argument; magic files: `-', `@DIGIT+'. `{formula}' in output file spec: input-backed (e.g. hash) substitution recipe. All available commands listed as `clufter --list'.


Written by Jan Pokorný <> and plugin authors.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

See Also

pcs(8),  clufter(1),

clufter-pcs2pcscmd(1),  clufter-pcs2pcscmd-needle(1),  and perhaps more

Referenced By

clufter(1), clufter-cmd-wrap(1), clufter-pcs2pcscmd(1), clufter-pcs2pcscmd-needle(1).

October 2019 clufter 0.77.2