clufter-ccs-obfuscate man page

clufter — ccs-obfuscate


clufter [<global option> ...] ccs-obfuscate [<cmd option ...>]


Obfuscate credentials/IDs in CMAN-based cluster config.

Either obfuscation pass can be suppressed by skip parameter, by default they are performed both in row.

Following conventions are used for substituted ids/credentials: 1. identifiers used for crosslinking (referential integrity) ought to be converted in a way not violating this integrity 2. identifiers clearly out of referential integrity (i.e., arbitrary value unrelated to the rest of the XML tree) ought to be substituted with strings starting with 'REL-' 3. credentials ought to be substituted with strings starting with 'SECRET-' 4. overall, any affected item should be substituted with capitalized string to visually emphasize the substitution


-h, --help
show help message and exit
-H, --help-full

full help message and exit

Command options:

-i INPUT, --input=INPUT
input CMAN-based cluster configuration file [/etc/cluster/cluster.conf]
-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
output file with obfuscated credentials/identifiers [c luster-obfuscated-{}. conf]
-s SKIP, --skip=SKIP
pass to skip (none/ids/creds), neater than --noop [none]
(Advanced) debug only: NOOPize filter (2+: repeat) [none out of ccs-obfuscate-credentials, ccs-obfuscate-identifiers]

(Advanced) debug only: dump (intermediate) output of the filter (2+: repeat) [none out of ccs-obfuscate-credentials, ccs-obfuscate-identifiers, ANY]

Common options:

Either in global (before <cmd>) or command scope (after <cmd>).

(Advanced) override autodetected system [linux]
override target distro (for SYS=linux; see --list-dists) [fedora,26,Rawhide]
-q, --quiet
refrain from unnecesary messages (usually on stderr)
colorize messages if available [auto out of auto, never, always]
-d, --debug
shortcut for --loglevel=DEBUG
specify log file (instead of stderr)

Arguments to value-based `command options' can go without labels when the order wrt. parsing logic respected; skipping those backed by default values otherwise requiring specification then allowed by syntactic sugar: all can be passed as a single, first, ::-delimited argument; magic files: `-', `@DIGIT+'. `{formula}' in output file spec: input-backed (e.g. hash) substitution recipe. All available commands listed as `clufter --list'.


Written by Jan Pokorný <> and plugin authors.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <…>

See Also

cluster.conf(5), ccs(7), clufter(1),

clufter-ccs-artefacts(1), clufter-ccs-disable-rg(1), clufter-ccs-revitalize(1), and perhaps more

Referenced By

clufter(1), clufter-ccs-artefacts(1), clufter-ccs-disable-rg(1), clufter-ccs-revitalize(1).

December 2016 clufter 0.59.7 User Commands