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cloud-init-per - Man Page

Run a command with arguments at a specific frequency


cloud-init-per <frequency> <name> <cmd> [ arg1 [ arg2 [...]]]


Run a command with arguments at a specific frequency.

This utility can make it easier to use boothooks or bootcmd on a per "once" or "always" basis. For example:

   - [ cloud-init-per, once, mymkfs, mkfs, /dev/vdb ]

The cloud-init-per command replaced the cloud-init-run-module command.



This can be one of the following values:

once: run only once and do not re-run for new instance-id

instance: run only the first boot for a given instance-id

always: run every boot


A name to give the command to run to show up in logs.

cmd [ arg1 [ arg2 [...]]]

The actual command to run followed by any additional arguments.

See Also

Full documentation at: <https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io>