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clc-clbuild - Man Page

clc enabled clbuild wrapper


clc-clbuild setup

clc-clbuild clbuild commands


This is a thin wrapper round clbuild for use with common lisp controller. You can use this to install and update clbuild enabled packages.

To use first do (as root) clc-clbuild setup, this will download and setup clbuild. Then you can use the normal clbuild commands. These will be ran as the user cl-builder and will setup a clbuild environment in /usr/share/common-lisp/clbuild/

For example running (as root again)

clc-clbuild install cl-ppcre

will download and install cl-ppcre from the appropriate libraries. Please see

clc-clbuild help

for more information.


Bug reports should be sent to the debian BTS, preferably with reportbug.

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Peter Van Eynde (pvaneynd@debian.org)


Janurary 31, 2010