clambc - Man Page

Bytecode Analysis and Testing Tool


clambc <file> [function] [param1 ...]


Bytecode signatures are a platform independent executable plugin format that extend ClamAV's malware detection capabilities. This tool is provided for signature authors and ClamAV developers to test bytecode signatures and bytecode runtime performance. **Caution**: You should NEVER run bytecode signatures from untrusted sources. Doing so may result in arbitrary code execution.


--help                 -h

Show help.

--version              -V

Show version


Show debug.

--force-interpreter   -f

Force using the interpreter instead of the JIT.

--trust-bytecode      -t

Trust loaded bytecode (default yes).

--info                 -i

Print information about bytecode.

--printsrc             -p

Print bytecode source.

--printbcir            -c

Print IR of bytecode signature.

--input                -r

Input file to run the bytecode on.

--trace <level>        -T

Set bytecode trace level 0..7 (default 7).


Don't show source line during tracing.


Collect and print bytecode execution statistics.


File to test.


Please check the full documentation for credits.


Tomasz Kojm <>, Kevin Lin <>

See Also

clamscan(1), sigtool(1)


September 2014 ClamAV 1.0.5 Clam AntiVirus