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      citydecoder  -  Generate  city/site  data files for use with SPLAT from
      U.S. Census  Bureau  files  of  Incorporated  Places/Census  Designated

      [1mcitydecoder [22mfile

      [1mcitydecoder [22mis an utility that reads U.S. Census Bureau files of Incor-
      porated Places/Census Designated Places, and generates  city/site  data
      files for use with SPLAT! software. Files for use with this utility are
      available  for  download   free   of   charge   from:   http://www.cen-

      Please  select  the  ARC/INFO  Ungenerate (ASCII) Metadata Cartographic
      Boundary Files from this site and unzip them prior to importing them to
      citydecoder. U.S. Census files are cataloged by the two digit FIPS code
      for the region (state) they represent. citydecoder takes as an argument
      the  two-letter  file  prefix plus the FIPS code of the region or state
      being processed.

      citydecoder pl34


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      No known bugs at this time.

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