chktrust man page

chktrust — Check the trust of a PE executable.


chktrust [options] filename


Verify if an PE executable (CLR assembly, Win32 EXE or DLL) has a valid Authenticode(r) signature that can be traced back to a trusted certificate authority (CA). This means that

(a) the signature is valid (i.e. file integrity) and,
(b) the code-signing certificate can be chained back to one of the
certificates in the Trust store.


-q , -quiet
Quiet mode. Limited display on console.
-v , -verbose
Verbose mode. More details displayed on the console.
-help , -h , -? , /?
Display help about this tool.

Known Restrictions

chktrust cannot validate Authenticode signatures on CAB files.


Written by Sebastien Pouliot

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Referenced By

setreg(1), signcode(1).

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