chicken-profile man page

chicken-profile — generate a report from profile-information


chicken-profile[OPTION ...] [FILENAME]


chicken-profile reads in profiling information generated by CHICKEN Scheme programs compiled with the -profile option, and generates a table listing function names and their execution times. FILENAME defaults to the ‘PROFILE.<number>’, selecting the one with the highest modification time, in case multiple profiles exist.

The program accepts following arguments:


Show usage and exit.


Show version and exit.

-decimals DDD

Set number of decimals for seconds, average and percent columns (three digits, default: 333).


Remove procedures that are never called.


Sort output by average procedure execution time.


Sort output by call frequency.


Sort output alpabetically by procedure name.


Sort output by procedure execution time.

-top N

Display only the top N entries.

Exit Status

The chicken-profile utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

See Also

chicken(1), csc(1)

More information can be found in the CHICKEN User's Manual.




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April 26, 2017