checkdirfile man page

checkdirfile — verify Dirfile database metadata


checkdirfile DIRFILE

checkdirfile [ --help | --version ]


Report errors in metadata of the dirfile(5) database specified by DIRFILE.

Three separate checks are performed. First, the format specification metadata is scanned for syntax errors (see dirfile-format(5)) and Dirfile Standards compliance. Second, fields defined in the database are checked for self-consistency. Finally, the database is queried for its length.


Show usage and version information and exit.


checkdirfile was written by D. V. Wiebe.

Reporting Bugs

Please send reports of bugs to getdata-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

The GetData home page: <http://getdata.sourceforge.net/>

See Also

dirfile(5), dirfile-format(5)


Explore man page connections for checkdirfile(1).