check_for_unsafe_apis - Man Page

Finds unsafe APIs


  check_for_unsafe_apis [OPTIONS] File [files...]

    -h              full documentation

  File - may be a file or directory.


-h,  --help,  --usage

Prints out this manual page.

-r,  -R,  --recursive

Follows child directories.

-v,  --verbose

Prints out additional information when searching files.

-p,  --perfile

Tells the program to keep per file statistics.

-f output_format, --format output_format

Request the program to output the results in a different format.


prompt$ check_for_unsafe_apis file.c srcdir

This will cause the program to check file.c and all *.c sources files under srcdir for unsafe API calls.

prompt$ check_for_unsafe_apis -R file.c srcdir

This will find all unsafe API calls in file.c and any *.c files found under the srcdir directory tree.


  Traverses specified directory trees and/or files (cwd by default)
  searching for C source files (*.c), rooting out unsafe API calls.


  Created: October 2008, Bo Berry
  Last Modified: August 2017, Reini Urban


2018-03-03 perl v5.26.1 User Contributed Perl Documentation