check-abi - Man Page

ABI Checking




The check-abi script reports any potential ABI conflicts in the files specified.  This includes the use of the -fshort-enums option, the -fstack-protector option and the -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE option.  All of these can affect passing data between functions and hence should be used uniformly throughout the binary.

The script accepts the following command line options:


Displays the usage of the script and then exits.


Displays the version of the script.


Enables verbose mode, causing the script to detail each action it takes.


Do not include the name of script in the out generated by the script.


Produce no output.  Just return an exit status.


Only report files with potential ABI problems.


Do not report file types that are not supported or recognised.


Disables individual ABI checks.  Multiple occurences of this option accumulate.  Possible option values are:


Disable checks of the general ABI information.


Disable checks of the -fshort-enum option.


Disable checks of the -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE option.


Disable checks of the -fstack-protect option.


Directory to use to store temporary files.


Use the specified program to read the notes from the files.


Stop accumulating command line options.  This allows the script to be run on files whose names starts with a dash.



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