cheat man page


cheat [option] command


cheat displays a cheatsheet for popular posix commands. It's designed to help remind system administrators of options and syntax for commands that they use frequently, but not frequently enough to remember.

Cheat differs from info or man in that cheat is example-centric. You learn from cheatsheets by seeing common examples of how the command is used, rather than reading about every option technically available. In other words, cheat is not complete, but by design. It shows you how a command is most frequently used, and that's all.


Issue this command:

cheat foo

and a cheatsheet for foo is displayed onscreen.


-d, --directories

List directories on CHEATPATH

-e, --edit [cheat sheet]

Edit an existing cheatsheet

-l, --list

List all cheatsheets

-s, --search [keyword]

Search for cheatsheet matching KEYWORD

-v, --version

Print the version number

CHEATPATH environment variable

By default, the location for cheatsheets is set to PYTHONPATH/cheat/cheatsheets

Additional cheatsheets may be stored in $HOME/.cheat

You can override the system location of cheatsheets by exporting a CHEATPATH environment variable pointing to an alternate location. For example, in your .bashrc file: export CHEATPATH=/opt/cheatsheets


Chris Allen Lane

See Also

apropos(1), whatis(1), man(1), info(1), man.conf(5).


September 10, 2016