ch-tar2dir - Man Page

Unpack an image tarball into a directory


$ ch-tar2dir TARBALL DIR



This script is deprecated in favor of ch-convert. It will be removed in the next release.

Extract the tarball TARBALL into a subdirectory of DIR. TARBALL must contain a Linux filesystem image, e.g. as created by ch-builder2tar, and be compressed with gzip or xz. If TARBALL has no extension, try appending .tar.gz and .tar.xz.

Inside DIR, a subdirectory will be created whose name corresponds to the name of the tarball with .tar.gz or other suffix removed. If such a directory exists already and appears to be a Charliecloud container image, it is removed and replaced. If the existing directory doesn’t appear to be a container image, the script aborts with an error.

Additional arguments:


print help and exit


print version and exit


Placing DIR on a shared file system can cause significant metadata load on the file system servers. This can result in poor performance for you and all your colleagues who use the same file system. Please consult your site admin for a suitable location.


$ ls -lh /var/tmp
total 57M
-rw-r-----  1 reidpr reidpr  57M Feb 13 16:14 hello.tar.gz
$ ch-tar2dir /var/tmp/hello.tar.gz /var/tmp
creating new image /var/tmp/hello
/var/tmp/hello unpacked ok
$ ls -lh /var/tmp
total 57M
drwxr-x--- 22 reidpr reidpr 4.0K Feb 13 16:29 hello
-rw-r-----  1 reidpr reidpr  57M Feb 13 16:14 hello.tar.gz

Reporting Bugs

If Charliecloud was obtained from your Linux distribution, use your distribution’s bug reporting procedures.

Otherwise, report bugs to:

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