ch-builder2tar - Man Page

Flatten a builder image into a Charliecloud image tarball


$ ch-builder2tar [-b BUILDER] [--nocompress] IMAGE OUTDIR



This script is deprecated in favor of ch-convert. It will be removed in the next release.

Flatten the builder image tagged IMAGE into a Charliecloud tarball in directory OUTDIR.

The builder-specified environment (e.g., ENV statements) is placed in a file in the tarball at $IMAGE/ch/environment, in a form suitable for ch-run --set-env.

See ch-build(1) for details on specifying the builder.

Additional arguments:

-b,  --builder BUILDER

Use specified builder; if not given, use $CH_BUILDER or default.


Do not compress tarball.


Print help and exit.


Print version and exit.


$ ch-builder2tar hello /var/tmp
57M /var/tmp/hello.tar.gz
$ ls -lh /var/tmp
-rw-r-----  1 reidpr reidpr  57M Feb 13 16:14 hello.tar.gz

Reporting Bugs

If Charliecloud was obtained from your Linux distribution, use your distribution’s bug reporting procedures.

Otherwise, report bugs to:

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