cgdelete - Man Page

remove control group(s)


cgdelete [-h] [-r] [[-g] <controllers>:<path>] ...


The cgdelete program removes all specified control groups.

[-g] <controllers>:<path>

Defines the control group to delete. Multiple control groups may be specified. -g is optional.

-h, ā€‰--help

Display this help and exit.

-r, ā€‰--recursive

Recursively remove all subgroups.

Environment Variables


controls verbosity of the tool. Allowed values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING or ERROR.


cgdelete -g cpu,devices:/test

remove control group test from hierarchies containing cpu and device controllers

See Also

cgcreate (1), lscgroup (1)

Referenced By

lscgroup(1), lssubsys(1).

2009-10-26 Linux libcgroup Manual