ceelog man page

ceelog — filter and query Lumberjack logs




Searches the default ceelog event source (see ceelog.conf(5)) for events matching EXPRESSION (as described in ceelog-expression(5)), and writes them to standard output.


-f, --follow
After processing all available events from the event source, wait for more events to arrive instead of exiting. Some sources (e.g. static_file) do not support this functionality.
-h, --help
Write a summary of the available options to standard output and exit successfully.
-m, --message

Instead of writing the full text representation of the event (e.g. including all JSON data, if any), only write a time stamp, application tag, and the event's unstructured message.

If a JSON event contains a "msg" field, the unstructured message is only the contents of this field. In other cases, it is the text that follows the application tag.

-V, --version
Write information about the version and license of ceelog on standard output and exit successfully.

Exit Status

ceelog exits with status 0 after successfully processing all events (whether or not a match was found), or with a non-zero status on error.


Path of a ceelog configuration file, if any. See ceelog.conf(5) for a more detailed description.


ceelog /wlan0/
Search for all events that contain wlan0.

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