cd-info - Man Page

shows Information about a CD or CD-image


cd-info [OPTION...]


-a,  --access-mode=STRING

Set CD access method

-d,  --debug=INT

Set debugging to LEVEL

-T,  --no-tracks

Don't show track information

-A,  --no-analyze

Don't show filesystem analysis


Does nothing since this program is not

-P,  --cddb-port=INT


-H, --cddb-http







Don't show device info, just CD info


Don't show disc-mode info


Attempt to give DVD information if a DVD is found.

-v,  --no-vcd

Don't look up Video CD information - for this build, this is always set

-I,  --no-ioctl

Don't show ioctl() information

-b,  --bin-file[=FILE]

set "bin" CD-ROM disk image file as source

-c,  --cue-file[=FILE]

set "cue" CD-ROM disk image file as source

-N,  --nrg-file[=FILE]

set Nero CD-ROM disk image file as source

-t,  --toc-file[=FILE]

set cdrdao CD-ROM disk image file as source

-i,  --input[=FILE]

set source and determine if "bin" image or device


print directory contents of any ISO-9660 filesystems

-C,  --cdrom-device[=DEVICE]

set CD-ROM device as source

-l,  --list-drives

Give a list of CD-drives


Don't display header and copyright (for regression testing)


Don't use Joliet extensions


Don't use Rock-Ridge-extension information


Don't use XA-extension information

-q,  --quiet

Don't produce warning output

-V,  --version

display version and copyright information and exit

Help options

-?,  --help

Show this help message


Display brief usage message


Rocky Bernstein, based on the cdinfo program by  Gerd Knorr <> and Heiko Eissfeldt <>

See Also

cd-drive(1) for CD-ROM characteristics; iso-info(1) for information about an ISO-9660 image.

Referenced By

cd-drive(1), cd-read(1), iso-info(1).

April 2019