cckddiag - Man Page

Hercules CCKD DASD diagnostic tool


cckddiag [options...] filename


Hercules support tool used to assist in the diagnosis of CCKD DASD problems. Operates on Hercules CCKD DASD volumes in read-only mode, and displays various information contained in CCKD DASD files.  Effective usage requires internal knowledge of Hercules CCKD DASD files.


The following options are used to specify which portions of the CCKD DASD  file are to be displayed.  Options may not be combined; for example, -cd1 is not a valid option.  Surround each option by blank(s).

Argument numbers may be specified either in decimal or hexadecimal. If the number begins with the characters 0x the number is presumed to be hexadecimal; else the number is presumed to be decimal. No numeric overflow checking is done, the user is assumed (!) to know  what they're doing.

Options are divided into three categories: global options, track-related options, and the offset option.

Global options


specifies the Hercules CCKD DASD filename (sometimes referred to as the DASD image file)


display version and exit


display DEVHDR


display CDEVHDR


display L1TAB  (note this option is a numeric one)


enable debug output

Offset option

This option provides the ability to examine any portion of the CCKD file, as an alternative to track specification.

-o oo ll

hex display data at offset oo of length ll.

See Also

cckd(4) the Hercules emulator homepage. which describes

the Hercules CCKD DASD facility.


2003-02-07 originally written by James M. Morrison