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cbonsai - Man Page

grow bonsai trees in your terminal

Examples (TL;DR)


cbonsai [OPTION]...


cbonsai is a beautifully random bonsai tree generator.


-l,  --live

live mode: show each step of growth

-t,  --time=TIME

in live mode, wait TIME secs between steps of growth (must be larger than 0) [default: 0.03]

-i,  --infinite

infinite mode: keep growing trees

-w,  --wait=TIME

in infinite mode, wait TIME between each tree generation [default: 4.00]

-S,  --screensaver

screensaver mode; equivalent to -liWC and quit on any keypress

-m,  --message=STR

attach message next to the tree

-b,  --base=INT

ascii-art plant base to use, 0 is none

-c,  --leaf=LIST

list of comma-delimited strings randomly chosen for leaves

-M,  --multiplier=INT

branch multiplier; higher -> more branching (0-20) [default: 5]

-L,  --life=INT

life; higher -> more growth (0-200) [default: 32]

-p,  --print

print tree to terminal when finished

-s,  --seed=INT

seed random number generator

-W,  --save=FILE

save progress to file [default: ~/.cache/cbonsai]

-C,  --load=FILE

load progress from file [default: ~/.cache/cbonsai]

-v,  --verbose

increase output verbosity

-h,  --help

show help


Maintained by John Allbritten <me@johnallbritten.com>, who is assisted by other open source contributors. For more information about cbonsai development, see <https://gitlab.com/jallbrit/cbonsai>.