cbcodec - Man Page

popular encoders and decoders


cbcodec url [-d] [-br] [-rs base target] [-l] [-e expr] [file]
cbcodec base [-d] [-l] [-c num] [-e expr] [file]
cbcodec quote [-d] [-l] [-c num] [-e expr] [file]
cbcodec mime [-d] [-hd] [-bd] [-part num] [-l] [-ec code] [-qp] [-dc] [-e expr] [file]
cbcodec csv [-d] [-t] [-l] [-e expr] [-html] [file]
cbcodec xml [-d] [-p] [-l] [-e expr] [-tsv] [file]
cbcodec zlib [-d] [-gz] [-crc] [file]
cbcodec lzo [-d] [file]
cbcodec bzip [-d] [file]
cbcodec iconv [-ic code] [-oc code] [-ol ltype] [-cn] [-wc] [-um] [file]
cbcodec date [-wf] [-rf] [-utc] [str]


This manual page documents briefly the cbcodec commands.

cbcodec is  a tool to use encoding and decoding features provided by Cabin. This command is used in the above format. file specifies a input file. If it is omitted, the standard input is read.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the file:///usr/share/doc/qdbm-doc/spex.html#cabincli.


perform decoding (unescaping), not encoding (escaping).


break up URL into elements.


resolve relative URL.


output the tailing newline.

-e expr

specify input data directly.

-c num

limit the number of columns of the encoded data.


parse MIME and extract headers in TSV format.


parse MIME and extract the body.

-part num

parse MIME and extract a part.

-ec code

specify the input encoding, which is UTF-8 by default.


use quoted-printable encoding, which is Base64 by default.


output the encoding name instead of the result string when decoding.


parse CSV. Convert the data into TSV. Tab and new-line in a cell are deleted.


parse CSV. Convert the data into HTML.


parse XML. Show tags and text sections with dividing headers.


parse XML. Show the result in TSV format. Characters of tabs and new-lines are URL-encoded.


use GZIP format.


output the CRC32 checksum as hexadecimal and big endian.

-ic code

specify the input encoding, which is detected automatically by default.

-oc code

specify the output encoding, which is UTF-8 by default.

-ol ltype

convert line feed characters, with `unix'(LF), `dos'(CRLF), and `mac'(CR).


detect the input encoding and show its name.


count the number of characters of the input string of UTF-8.


output mappings of UCS-2 characters and C strings of UTF-16BE and UTF-8.


output in W3CDTF format.


output in RFC 1123 format.


output the coordinate universal time.

See Also

qdbm(3), cabin(3).


QDBM was written by Mikio Hirabayashi <mikio@fallabs.com>.

This manual page was written by Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


2005-05-23 Man Page Quick Database Manager