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catppt - Man Page

reads MS-PowerPoint file and puts its content on standard output


catppt [-lV] [-b string ] [-s charset ] [-d charset ] files


catppt reads MS-PowerPoint presentations and dumps its content to stdout.



list known charsets and exit successfully


slides break string. This string (by default - formfeed) would be output at the end of each slide page.


- specifies destination charset name. Charset file has format described in CHARACTER SETS section of catdoc(1) manual page. By default, current locale charset would be used if langinfo support was enabled at the compile time.


- specifies source charset. Typically, PowerPoint files use UNICODE strings with known charsets, but for some reason you may wish to  override it.


outputs version number

See Also

cat(1), catdoc(1), xls2csv(1), strings(1), utf(4), unicode(4)


Alex Ott <alexott@gmail.com>

Referenced By

catdoc(1), xls2csv(1).

Version @catdoc_version@ MS-PowerPoint reader