catimg - Man Page

fast image printing in to your terminal

Examples (TL;DR)


catimg [-hct] [-w width | -H height] [-l loops] [-r resolution] image


catimg is a little program written in C with no dependencies that prints images in the terminal. It supports JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.



Coerce colors to a restricted palette. Allows terminals with limited color support to render a more accurate version of the image than if it was directly done by the terminal itself.


Prints a help message


Specify the height of the displayed image, passing '0' will use terminal height.


Specify the amount of loops that catimg should repeat a GIF. A value of 1 means that the GIF will be displayed twice. A negative value implies infinity.


Possible values 1 or 2. Force the resolution of the image. By default catimg will check if rendering in higher resolution is possible and do so or use the lower one.


Disables true color (24-bit) support, falling back to 256 color escape codes instead.


Specify the width of the displayed image. When not provided, catimg will use the terminal width.


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catimg was written by Eduardo San Martin Morote (

This manual page was written by Jonathan Carter <>, Eduardo San Martin Morote and Thomas Kupper

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