man page — creates a skeleton CGI::Application::Structured project.


Creates CGI::Application::Structured based applications.


Version 0.003


~/tmp$ --module=MyApp1 \
                                            --author=gordon \
                                            --email="" \
Created MyApp1
Created MyApp1/lib
Created MyApp1/lib/                      # YOUR *CONTROLLER BASE CLASS* !
Created MyApp1/t
Created MyApp1/t/pod-coverage.t
Created MyApp1/t/pod.t
Created MyApp1/t/01-load.t
Created MyApp1/t/test-app.t
Created MyApp1/t/perl-critic.t
Created MyApp1/t/boilerplate.t
Created MyApp1/t/00-signature.t
Created MyApp1/t/www
Created MyApp1/templates/MyApp1/C/Home
Created MyApp1/templates/MyApp1/C/Home/index.tmpl # DEFAULT HOME PAGE TEMPLATE
Created MyApp1/Makefile.PL
Created MyApp1/Changes
Created MyApp1/README
Created MyApp1/t/perlcriticrc
Created MyApp1/lib/MyApp1/C                       # YOUR CONTROLLERS GO HERE 
Created MyApp1/lib/MyApp1/C/               # YOUR *DEFAULT CONTROLLER SUBCLASS*
Created MyApp1/lib/MyApp1/             # YOUR CUSTOM DISPATCHER
Created MyApp1/config
Created MyApp1/config/               # YOU CONFIG -- MUST BE EDITED BY YOU!
Created MyApp1/script
Created MyApp1/script/       # IMPORTANT HELPER SCRIPT
Created MyApp1/script/        # ANOTHER IMPORTANT HELPER SCRIPT.
Created MyApp1/                          # SERVER USES YOUR CUSTOM DISPATCH.PM
Created MyApp1/MANIFEST
Created starter directories and files


--module=module  Module name 
--dir=dirname    Directory name to create new module in (optional)
--builder=module Build with 'ExtUtils::MakeMaker' or 'Module::Build'
--eumm           Same as --builder=ExtUtils::MakeMaker
--mb             Same as --builder=Module::Build
--mi             Same as --builder=Module::Install
--author=name    Author's name (required)
--email=email    Author's email (required)
--license=type   License under which the module will be distributed
                 (default is the same license as perl)
--verbose        Print progress messages while working
--force          Delete pre-existing files if needed
--help           Show this message


Sets up a working skeleton for an CGI::Application::Structured-based project, packaged as a CPAN module. The script also generates:

- a base controller class
- an organized directory structure to contain your modules
- a default Home module (subclass of base controller)
- a default runmode for Home ('index') with a corresponding template
- a default configuration for Template Toolkit
- basic automated tests 
- a helper script to generate controller subclasses and TT templates
- a helper script to generate DBIx::Class schema and resultset classes for your database.

By default the skeleton files can be found in the "templates" directory where CGI::Application::Structured::Tools::Starter is stored.

Multiple --builder options may be supplied to produce the files for multiple builders.

See CGI::Application::Structured for a brief tutorial on using the helper scripts.

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