cas man page

cas — Tool to configure core analysis environment.


cas is a tool used to automatically configure an environment for viewing coredumps.


-i identifier

Specify an id to associate with current cas job, normally a support ticket of some sort.

-f [file]

Define a core file to be processed.

-e [email]

Provide an email address for result notification


Extract current loaded modules from debug kernels.

--compress [file]

Compress file using system supplied compression utilties.

--strip [file]

Strips vmcore of unecessary pages. (Not active for now)

--job [job-id]

Define job to associate to this analysis (Normally this is handled by the web interface)

See Also

cas-admin(1) cas-server(1) cas.conf(5)


Written by Adam Stokes

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <> or

Referenced By

alcc(1), amule(1), amuled(1), amulegui(1), cas-admin(1), cas.conf(5), wxcas(1).

CAS cas command line interface