cargo-uninstall man page

cargo-uninstall — Remove a Rust binary


cargo uninstall [Options] <SPEC>

cargo uninstall (-h | --help)


The argument SPEC is a package id specification (see cargo help pkgid) to specify which crate should be uninstalled. By default all binaries are uninstalled for a crate but the --bin and --example flags can be used to only uninstall particular binaries.


-h, --help
Print this message.
--root DIR
Directory to uninstall packages from.
--bin NAME
Only uninstall the binary NAME.
-v, --verbose
Use verbose output.
-q, --quiet
No output printed to stdout.
--color WHEN
Coloring: auto, always, never.

See Also

cargo(1), cargo-install(1)

Referenced By


May 2016 The Rust package manager Cargo Manual