cargo-fetch man page

cargo-fetch ā€” Fetch dependencies of a package from the network


cargo fetch [Options]


If a lockfile is available, this command will ensure that all of the git dependencies and/or registries dependencies are downloaded and locally available. The network is never touched after a `cargo fetch` unless the lockfile changes.

If the lockfile is not available, then this is the equivalent of `cargo generate-lockfile`. A lockfile is generated and dependencies are also all updated.


-h, --help

Print this message.

--manifest-path PATH

Path to the manifest to fetch dependencies for.

-v, --verbose

Use verbose output.

-q, --quiet

No output printed to stdout.

--color WHEN

Coloring: auto, always, never.

See Also

cargo(1), cargo-update(1)


July 2016 The Rust package manager Cargo Manual