cargo-clean man page

cargo-clean — Remove generated artifacts


cargo clean [Options]


Remove artifacts that cargo has generated in the past.

If the --package argument is given, then SPEC is a package id specification which indicates which package should be built. If it is not given, then the current package is built. For more information on SPEC and its format, see the "cargo help pkgid" command.


-h, --help

Print this message.

-p SPEC, --package SPEC ...

Package to clean artifacts for.

--manifest-path PATH

Path to the manifest to the package to clean.

--target TRIPLE

Target triple to clean output for (default all).


Whether or not to clean release artifacts.

-v, --verbose

Use verbose output.

-q, --quiet

No output printed to stdout.

--color WHEN

Coloring: auto, always, never.


Remove local package generated artifacts

$ cargo clean

Clean release artifacts

$ cargo clean --release

See Also

cargo(1), cargo-build(1)

Referenced By


May 2016 The Rust package manager Cargo Manual