captype - Man Page

Prints the types of capture files


captype-h ] [ -v ] <infile> ...


Captype is a program that opens one or more capture files and prints the capture file type of each <infile>.

Captype is able to detect and read the same capture files that are supported by Wireshark. The input files don’t need a specific filename extension; the file format and an optional gzip, zstd or lz4 compression will be automatically detected. Near the beginning of the DESCRIPTION section of wireshark(1) or is a detailed description of the way Wireshark handles this, which is the same way Captype handles this.



Print the version number and options and exit.


Print the full version information and exit.

See Also

pcap(3), wireshark(1), mergecap(1), editcap(1), tshark(1), dumpcap(1), capinfos(1), pcap-filter(7) or tcpdump(8)


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Original Author
Ian Schorr <ian[AT]>

Gerald Combs <gerald[AT]>
Jim Young <jyoung[AT]>

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