bwatch man page

bwatch — program to view live updates of screenshots from a BlackBerry(TM) handheld


bwatch [-d delay][-h][-p pin][-P password][-v]


bwatch is a program that takes screenshots of a given device at regular intervals, and displays those screenshots on the screen, using the SDL library.


-d delay

The delay interval between screen updates, in milliseconds.  Default is 500.

-p pin

PIN of device to talk with.  Only needed if you have more than one Blackberry connected at once.

-P password

Simplistic method to specify device password.  In a real application, this would be done using a more secure prompt.


Dump verbose protocol data during operation.

-h, --help

Show summary of options.


bwatch is part of the Barry project, and was originally written by Alberto Mattea.

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August 30, 2011