bup-web man page

bup-web — Start web server to browse bup repositiory


bup web [[hostname]:port]

bup web unix://path


bup web starts a web server that can browse bup repositories. The file hierarchy is the same as that shown by bup-fuse(1), bup-ls(1) and bup-ftp(1).

hostname and port default to and 8080, respectively, and hence bup web will only offer up the web server to locally running clients. If you'd like to expose the web server to anyone on your network (dangerous!) you can omit the bind address to bind to all available interfaces: :8080.

When unix://path is specified, the server will listen on the filesystem socket at path rather than a network socket.

A SIGTERM signal may be sent to the server to request an orderly shutdown.


display human readable file sizes (i.e. 3.9K, 4.7M)
open the site in the default browser


$ bup web
Serving HTTP on

$ bup web :8080
Serving HTTP on

$ bup web unix://socket &
Serving HTTP on filesystem socket 'socket'
$ curl --unix-socket ./socket http://localhost/
$ fg
bup web unix://socket

$ bup web &
[1] 30980
Serving HTTP on
$ kill -s TERM 30980
Shutdown requested
$ wait 30980
$ echo $?

See Also

bup-fuse(1), bup-ls(1), bup-ftp(1), bup-restore(1), kill(1)


Part of the bup(1) suite.


Joe Beda <jbeda@gmail.com>.

Referenced By

bup(1), bup-fuse(1), bup-restore(1), bup-tag(1).

2016-12-26 Bup 0.29