bundle-plugin - Man Page

Manage Bundler plugins


bundle plugin install PLUGINS [--source=SOURCE] [--version=version] [--git|--local_git=git-url] [--branch=branch|--ref=rev]
bundle plugin uninstall PLUGINS
bundle plugin list
bundle plugin help [COMMAND]


You can install, uninstall, and list plugin(s) with this command to extend functionalities of Bundler.



Install the given plugin(s).

  • bundle plugin install bundler-graph: Install bundler-graph gem from RubyGems.org. The global source, specified in source in Gemfile is ignored.
  • bundle plugin install bundler-graph --source https://example.com: Install bundler-graph gem from example.com. The global source, specified in source in Gemfile is not considered.
  • bundle plugin install bundler-graph --version 0.2.1: You can specify the version of the gem via --version.
  • bundle plugin install bundler-graph --git https://github.com/rubygems/bundler-graph: Install bundler-graph gem from Git repository. --git can be replaced with --local-git. You cannot use both --git and --local-git. You can use standard Git URLs like:
  • ssh://[user@]host.xz[:port]/path/to/repo.git
  • http[s]://host.xz[:port]/path/to/repo.git
  • /path/to/repo
  • file:///path/to/repo

When you specify --git/--local-git, you can use --branch or --ref to specify any branch, tag, or commit hash (revision) to use. When you specify both, only the latter is used.


Uninstall the plugin(s) specified in PLUGINS.


List the installed plugins and available commands.

No options.


Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand.

No options.

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