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bundle-console - Man Page

Deprecated way to open an IRB session with the bundle pre-loaded


bundle console [GROUP]


Starts an interactive Ruby console session in the context of the current bundle.

If no GROUP is specified, all gems in the default group in the Gemfile(5) https://bundler.io/man/gemfile.5.html are preliminarily loaded.

If GROUP is specified, all gems in the given group in the Gemfile in addition to the gems in default group are loaded. Even if the given group does not exist in the Gemfile, IRB console starts without any warning or error.

The environment variable BUNDLE_CONSOLE or bundle config set console can be used to change the shell from the following:

bundle console uses irb by default. An alternative Pry or Ripl can be used with bundle console by adjusting the console Bundler setting. Also make sure that pry or ripl is in your Gemfile.


$ bundle config set console pry
$ bundle console
Resolving dependencies...
[1] pry(main)>


This command was deprecated in Bundler 2.1 and will be removed in 3.0. Use bin/console script, which can be generated by bundle gem <NAME>.

See Also

Gemfile(5) https://bundler.io/man/gemfile.5.html


May 2024