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buildbot-worker - Man Page

a tool for managing buildbot worker instances


buildbot-worker [ global options ] command [ command options ]

buildbot-worker create-worker [ -q|--quiet ] [ -f|--force ] [ -r|--relocatable ] [ -n|--no-logrotate ] [ -k|--keepalive TIME ] [ --usepty {0|1} ] [ --umask UMASK ] [ -s|--log-size SIZE ] [ -l|--log-count COUNT ] [ --delete-leftover-dirs ] [ --verbose ] PATH MASTER USERNAME PASSWORD

buildbot-worker [ --verbose ] { start|stop|restart } [ PATH ]

buildbot-worker [ --verbose ] { --help|--version }

buildbot-worker command -h|--help


The `buildbot-worker' command-line tool can be used to start or stop a Buildbot worker or create a new worker instance.




Create and populate a directory for a new worker


Start a worker


Stop a worker


Restart a worker

Global options


Print the list of available commands and global options. All subsequent commands are ignored.


Print twistd and buildbot-worker version. All subsequent commands are ignored.


Verbose output.

create-worker command options


Re-use an existing directory.


Show help for current command and exit. All subsequent commands are ignored.


Send keepalive requests to buildmaster every TIME seconds. Default value is 600 seconds.


Limit the number of kept old twisted log files to COUNT. All files are kept by default.


Do not emit the commands being run.


Create a relocatable buildbot.tac.


Do not permit worker rotate logs by itself.


Set size at which twisted lof file is rotated to SIZE bytes. Default value is 1000000 bytes.


Set umask for files created by worker. Default value is 077 which means only owner can access the files. See umask(2) for more details.


Set whether child processes should be run in a pty (0 means do not run in a pty). Default value is 0.


Set to remove unexpected directories in worker base directory.


Path to worker base directory.


Set the host and port of buildbot master to attach to in form HOST:PORT. This should be provided by buildmaster administrator.


Worker name to connect with. This should be provided by buildmaster administrator.


Worker password to connect with. This should be provided by buildmaster administrator.

See Also

buildbot(1), umask(2),

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