buildah-run man page

buildah run — Run a command inside of the container.


buildah run containerID [options [...] --] command


Launches a container and runs the specified command in that container using the container's root filesystem as a root filesystem, using configuration settings inherited from the container's image or as specified using previous calls to the buildah config command.  To execute buildah run within an interactive shell, specify the --tty option.


Set the hostname inside of the running container.
--runtime path
The path to an alternate OCI-compatible runtime.
--runtime-flag flag
Adds global flags for the container runtime. To list the supported flags, please consult the manpages of the selected container runtime (runc is the default runtime, the manpage to consult is runc(8)). Note: Do not pass the leading -- to the flag. To pass the runc flag --log-format json to buildah run, the option given would be --runtime-flag log-format=json.
By default a pseudo-TTY is allocated only when buildah's standard input is attached to a pseudo-TTY.  Setting the --tty option to true will cause a pseudo-TTY to be allocated inside the container connecting the user's "terminal" with the stdin and stdout stream of the container.  Setting the --tty option to false will prevent the pseudo-TTY from being allocated.
--volume, -v source:destination:flags
Bind mount a location from the host into the container for its lifetime.

NOTE: End parsing of options with the -- option, so that other options can be passed to the command inside of the container.


buildah run containerID -- ps -auxw

buildah run containerID --hostname myhost -- ps -auxw

buildah run --runtime-flag log-format=json containerID /bin/bash

buildah run --runtime-flag debug containerID /bin/bash

buildah run --tty containerID /bin/bash

buildah run --tty=false containerID ls /

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