buildah-manifest-inspect - Man Page

Display a manifest list or image index.


buildah manifest inspect listNameOrIndexName


Displays the manifest list or image index stored using the specified image name.

Return Value

A formatted JSON representation of the manifest list or image index.


--authfile path
Path of the authentication file. Default is ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/containers/auth.json, which is set using buildah login. If the authorization state is not found there, $HOME/.docker/config.json is checked, which is set using docker login.
--tls-verify bool-value
Require HTTPS and verification of certificates when talking to container registries (defaults to true).  TLS verification cannot be used when talking to an insecure registry.


buildah manifest inspect mylist:v1.11

See Also

buildah(1), buildah-manifest(1), buildah-manifest-create(1), buildah-manifest-add(1), buildah-manifest-remove(1), buildah-manifest-annotate(1), buildah-manifest-push(1), buildah-rmi(1)

Referenced By

buildah-manifest(1), buildah-manifest-add(1), buildah-manifest-annotate(1), buildah-manifest-create(1), buildah-manifest-push(1), buildah-manifest-remove(1).

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