buildah-from man page

buildah from — Creates a new working container, either from scratch or using a specified image as a starting point.


buildah from [options [...]] imageName


Creates a working container based upon the specified image name.  If the supplied image name is "scratch" a new empty container is created.

Return Value

The container ID of the container that was created.  On error, -1 is returned and errno is returned.


--name name
A name for the working container
Pull the image if it is not present.  If this flag is disabled (with --pull=false) and the image is not present, the image will not be pulled. Defaults to true.
Pull the image even if a version of the image is already present.
--registry registry
A prefix to prepend to the image name in order to pull the image.  Default value is "docker://"
--signature-policy signaturepolicy
Pathname of a signature policy file to use.  It is not recommended that this option be used, as the default behavior of using the system-wide default policy (frequently /etc/containers/policy.json) is most often preferred.
If an image needs to be pulled from the registry, suppress progress output.


buildah from imagename --pull --registry "myregistry://"

buildah from myregistry://imagename --pull

buildah from imagename --signature-policy /etc/containers/policy.json

buildah from imagename --pull-always --registry "myregistry://" --name "mycontainer"

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