buildah-export man page

buildah-export ā€” Export container's filesystem content as a tar archive


buildah export [--help] [-o|--output[=""]] CONTAINER


buildah export exports the full or shortened container ID or container name to STDOUT and should be redirected to a tar file.



Print usage statement

-o, --output=""

Write to a file, instead of STDOUT


Export the contents of the container called angry_bell to a tar file called angry_bell.tar:

# buildah export angry_bell > angry_bell.tar
# buildah export --output=angry_bell-latest.tar angry_bell
# ls -sh angry_bell.tar
321M angry_bell.tar
# ls -sh angry_bell-latest.tar
321M angry_bell-latest.tar

See also

buildah-import(1) to create an empty filesystem image and import the contents of the tarball into it, then optionally tag it.


July 2017, Originally copied from docker project

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