buildah man page

Buildah ā€” A command line tool to facilitate working with containers and using them to build images.


buildah [Options] COMMAND [ARG...]


The Buildah package provides a command line tool which can be used to:

* Create a working container, either from scratch or using an image as a starting point.
* Mount a working container's root filesystem for manipulation.
* Unmount a working container's root filesystem.
* Use the updated contents of a container's root filesystem as a filesystem layer to create a new image.
* Delete a working container or an image.


Print debugging information
path to default mounts file (default path: "/usr/share/containers/mounts.conf")
--help, -h
Show help
--root value
Storage root dir (default: "/var/lib/containers/storage")
--runroot value
Storage state dir (default: "/var/run/containers/storage")
--storage-driver value
Storage driver
--storage-opt value
Storage driver option
--version, -v
Print the version

See Also

Command Description
buildah-add(1) Add the contents of a file, URL, or a directory to the container.
buildah-bud(1) Build an image using instructions from Dockerfiles.
buildah-commit(1) Create an image from a working container.
buildah-config(1) Update image configuration settings.
buildah-containers(1) List the working containers and their base images.
buildah-copy(1) Copies the contents of a file, URL, or directory into a container's working directory.
buildah-from(1) Creates a new working container, either from scratch or using a specified image as a starting point.
buildah-images(1) List images in local storage.
buildah-inspect(1) Inspects the configuration of a container or image
buildah-mount(1) Mount the working container's root filesystem.
buildah-rm(1) Removes one or more working containers.
buildah-rmi(1) Removes one or more images.
buildah-run(1) Run a command inside of the container.
buildah-tag(1) Add an additional name to a local image.
buildah-umount(1) Unmount a working container's root file system.
buildah-version(1) Display the Buildah Version Information

Referenced By

buildah-add(1), buildah-bud(1), buildah-commit(1), buildah-config(1), buildah-containers(1), buildah-copy(1), buildah-from(1), buildah-images(1), buildah-inspect(1), buildah-mount(1), buildah-push(1), buildah-rm(1), buildah-rmi(1), buildah-run(1), buildah-tag(1), buildah-umount(1), buildah-version(1).

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