btfs - Man Page

mount torrent files or magnet links as a file system


btfs [options] metadata mountpoint


btfs allows one to mount any torrent file or a magnet link as a file system. The contents of the files will be downloaded on-demand as they are read by applications.


-v   --version

print version

-h   --help

print help

-b   --browse-only

download metadata only

-k   --keep

keep files after unmount


do not use TCP


directory in which to put btfs download data. will by default use $XDG_DATA_HOME if defined else use $HOME/btfs, or /tmp/btfs if the latter is unavailable


start of listen port range


end of listen port range


maximum download rate (in kilobytes per second)


maximum upload rate (in kilobytes per second)


mounting a torrent file:
 btfs video.torrent ~/mnt

mounting a magnet link:
 btfs 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:...' ~/mnt

 fusermount -u ~/mnt


Please report any bugs to


BTFS has been written by Johan Gunnarsson <>

This man page was written by Donat Kh. <>