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bsub - Man Page

submit a batch job in a familiar OpenLava format


     [-cwd Working Directory Path]
     [-e Error Path]
     [-I Interactive Mode]
     [-m Node List]
     [-M Memory Limit]
     [-n Min Process]
     [-o Output Path]
     [-q Queue Name]
     [-W Time]
     [-x Exclusive]


The bsub submits batch jobs. It is aimed to be feature-compatible with OpenLavas' bsub.


-cwd Working Directory Path

Specify the working directory path for the job.

-e Error Path

Specify a new path to receive the standard error output for the job.


Interactive execution.

-J Job Name

Name if the job to be submitted.

-m Host List

Space separated list of hosts that this job will run on.

-M Memory Limit

Memory limit of the job.

-n Min Processes

Minimum number of processes for the job.

-o out_path

Specify the path to a file to hold the standard output from the job.

-q Queue

The partition that this job will run on.

-W Time

Run time of the job.

-x Exclusive

Run this job in exclusive mode. Job will not share nodes with other jobs.

-? | --help

brief help message


full documentation


2024-01-27 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation