breakid - Man Page

manual page for breakid 3.1.2


breakid [--help] [--version] [--help VAR] [--version] [--verb VAR] [--row VAR] [--bin VAR] [-s VAR] [-t VAR] [--small VAR] [--relaxed VAR] files


Symmetry breaking tool. breakid [options] inputfile outputfile

Positional arguments


input and optionally file [nargs: 0 or more]

Optional arguments

-h, ā€‰--help

shows help message and exits

-v, ā€‰--version

prints version information and exits

-h, --help

Print help [nargs=0..1] [default: false]

-v, --version

Print version info


[0-10] Verbosity [nargs=0..1] [default: 1]


Enable/disable detection and breaking of row interchangeability [nargs=0..1] [default: true]


Use/don't use construction of additional binary symmetry breaking clausesbased on stabilizer subgroups [nargs=0..1] [default: true]


Limit the size of the constructed symmetry breaking formulas, measured as the number of auxiliary variables [nargs=0..1] [default: 50]


Upper limit on computing steps spent in kilo-steps, approximate measure for time [nargs=0..1] [default: 9223372036854775807]


Enable/disable compact symmetry breaking encoding, use Shatter's encoding instead [nargs=0..1] [default: false]


Enable/disable relaxing constraints on auxiliary encodingvariables, use longer encoding instead [nargs=0..1] [default: false]


January 2024 breakid 3.1.2