bowtie2-inspect - Man Page

manual page for bowtie2-inspect 2.4.1


bowtie2-inspect [options]* <bt2_base>


Bowtie 2 version 2.4.1 by Ben Langmead (,


bt2 filename minus trailing .1.bt2/.2.bt2

By default, prints FASTA records of the indexed nucleotide sequences to standard out.  With -n, just prints names.  With -s, just prints a summary of the index parameters and sequences.



force inspection of the 'large' index, even if a 'small' one is present.


use the debug binary; slower, assertions enabled


use sanitized binary; slower, uses ASan and/or UBSan


log the issued command

-a/--across <int>

Number of characters across in FASTA output (default: 60)


Print reference sequence names only


Print summary incl. ref names, lengths, index properties


Verbose output (for debugging)


print detailed description of tool and its options


July 2022 bowtie2-inspect 2.4.1