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bowtie2-inspect - Man Page

manual page for bowtie2-inspect 2.5.1


bowtie2-inspect [options]* <bt2_base>


Bowtie 2 version 2.5.1 by Ben Langmead (langmea@cs.jhu.edu, www.cs.jhu.edu/~langmea)


bt2 filename minus trailing .1.bt2/.2.bt2

By default, prints FASTA records of the indexed nucleotide sequences to standard out.  With -n, just prints names.  With -s, just prints a summary of the index parameters and sequences.



force inspection of the 'large' index, even if a 'small' one is present.


use the debug binary; slower, assertions enabled


use sanitized binary; slower, uses ASan and/or UBSan


log the issued command

-a/--across <int>

Number of characters across in FASTA output (default: 60)


Print reference sequence names only


Print summary incl. ref names, lengths, index properties


Save output to filename (default stdout)


Verbose output (for debugging)


print this and message quit


January 2024 bowtie2-inspect 2.5.1