boltctl man page

boltctl ā€” control the thunderbolt device manger


boltctl authorize DEVICE
boltctl enroll DEVICE
boltctl forget DEVICE
boltctl info DEVICE
boltctl list
boltctl monitor


boltctl is the command line interface to interact with boltd, the system daemon that manages Thunderbolt 3(TM) devices. It can be used to query the state of devices as well as manage them.

Devices can be globally identified via their unique identifier (uuid). All commands that take a DEVICE identifier expect this unique id.

If no command is given, it is equivalent to boltctl list.


authorize DEVICE

Authorize a currently unauthorized device identified via its unique id (uuid) DEVICE. If a key is stored in the database it will be used, given the security level of the domain supports secure device connection. Use boltctl list to find out the uuid of a device.

enroll DEVICE

Authorize and record the device with the unique id DEVICE in the database. If the domain supports secure connection a new key will be generated and stored in the database alongside the device name and vendor name. The key, if created, will be used in the future to securely authorize the device.

forget DEVICE

Remove the information about the device with the unique id DEVICE from the database. This includes the key, if one was previously generated.


Display information about the device with the unique id DEVICE.


List and print information about all connected and stored devices.


Listen for and show changes in connected devices.


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