boincmgr - Man Page

The graphical BOINC manager for the client.


boincmgr [--verbose] [-a] [-e client_dir] [-d data_dir] [-n hostname] [-g port] [-p passwd] [-b BOINC_ARGS] [-i] [-c] [-m] boincmgr [-h | --help]


The BOINC manager (boincmgr) is a graphical controlling and monitoring utility for the BOINC client (boinc(1)). It communicates with a running client using port 31416 over TCP/IP. It can only connect to one client at a time.


-h,  --help

Show all options.


Generate verbose log messages.

-a,  --autostart

Tells the BOINC Manager that it was started by the operating system automatically. Use this if the Manager is started at login time.

-e client_dir, --clientdir=client_dir

Directory containing the locale directory containing the Manager localisation files.

-d data_dir, --datadir=data_dir

Directory containing the configuration files .

-n hostname, --namehost=hostname

Hostname or IP address of client to which the manager should connect to.

-g port, --gui_rpc_port=port

RPC port number used to communicate with the client. Has to be the same value as on the client (see boinc(1)).

-p passwd, --password=passwd

Use passwd as password for RPC authentication. If the current working directory contains a file gui_rpc_auth.cfg, boincmgr will read the password from this file.

-b BOINC_ARGS, --boincargs=BOINC_ARGS

Startup the BOINC client with these optional arguments if necessary.

-i,  --insecure

Disable BOINC security users and permissions.

-c,  --checkskins

Set skin debugging mode to enable skin manager error messages.

-m,  --multiple

Allow multiple instances of BOINC manager on this host.

See Also

boinc(1), boinccmd(1)

Referenced By

boinc(1), boinccmd(1).

03 February 2020