bluechictl - Man Page

Simple command line tool to interact with the public D-Bus API of bluechi


bluechictl [options] command


A simple command line tool that uses the public D-Bus API provided by bluechi to manage services on all connected bluechi-agents and retrieve information from them.

bluechictl [Options]


--help, -h

Print usage statement and exit.

--version, -v

Print current bluechictl version


bluechictl [start|stop|freeze|thaw|restart|reload] [agent] [unit]

Performs one of the listed lifecycle operations on the given systemd unit for the bluechi-agent.

bluechictl [enable|disable] [agent] [unit1,...]

Enable/Disable the list of systemd unit files for the bluechi-agent.

bluechictl list-units [agent]

Fetches information about all systemd units on the bluechi-agents. If [bluechi-agent] is not specified, all agents are queried.

bluechictl monitor [agent] [unit1,unit2,...]

Creates a monitor on the given agent to observe changes in the specified units. Wildcards * to match all agents and/or units are also supported.

bluechictl monitor node-connection

Creates a monitor to observe connection state changes for all nodes.


bluechictl monitor

bluechictl monitor node1

bluechictl monitor \* dbus.service,apache2.service

bluechictl daemon-reload [agent]

Performs daemon-reload for the bluechi-agent.

bluechictl [status] [agent] [unit1,...]

Fetches the status of the systemd units for the bluechi-agent.