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bloaty - Man Page

manual page for Bloaty McBloatface 1.1


Bloaty McBloatface: a size profiler for binaries.

USAGE: bloaty [OPTION]... FILE... [-- BASE_FILE...]



Output in CSV format instead of human-readable.


Output in TSV format instead of human-readable.


Load configuration from <file>.


Comma-separated list of sources to scan.


Use this file for debug symbols and/or symbol table.


How to demangle symbols.  Possible values are:

--demangle=MODE      --demangle=none

no demangling, print raw symbols --demangle=short  demangle, but omit arg/return types --demangle=full   print full demangled type

The default is --demangle=short.


Disassemble this function (EXPERIMENTAL)


Which domains to show.  Possible values are: --domain=vm --domain=file --domain=both (the default)

-n NUM

How many rows to show per level before collapsing other keys into '[Other]'.  Set to '0' for unlimited. Defaults to 20.


Whether to sort by VM or File size.  Possible values are:

-s vm

-s file -s both (the default: sorts by max(vm, file)).


Wide output; don't truncate long labels.


Display this message and exit.


Show a list of available sources and exit.


Only show keys with names matching this pattern.

Options for debugging Bloaty:



Print extended debugging information for the given VM address and/or file offset.


Verbose output.  Dumps warnings encountered during processing and full VM/file maps at the end. Add more v's (-vv, -vvv) for even more.


February 2024 Bloaty McBloatface 1.1