blkrawverify - Man Page

verifies an output file produced by blkparse


blkrawverify <dev> [<dev>...]


The blkrawverify utility can be used to verify data retrieved via blktrace. It will check for valid event formats, forward progressing sequence numbers and time stamps, also does reasonable checks for other potential issues within individual events.

Errors found will be tracked in <dev>.verify.out.


blkparse was written by Jens Axboe, Alan D. Brunelle and Nathan Scott.  This man page was created from the blktrace documentation by Bas Zoetekouw.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

See Also

btrace (8), blktrace (8), blkparse (1), verify_blkparse (1), btt (1)

Referenced By

blkiomon(8), blkparse(1), blktrace(8), bno_plot(1), btrace(8), btt(1), verify_blkparse(1).

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