bkr-system-history-list - Man Page

Export history of activity for the given system


bkr system-history-list [options] <fqdn>
[--since <date>]


JSON history of activity for a given system is printed to stdout.

New in version 27.


--since <date>

If the since option is given, all history entries between that timestamp and the present are returned. By default, history entries from the past 24 hours are returned. Date has to be defined in UTC format YYYY-MM-DD.


Pretty-print results in JSON (with indentation and line breaks, suitable for human consumption).

Common bkr options are described in the Options section of bkr(1).

Exit Status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


Display history of a system in JSON format from the past 24 hours:

bkr system-history-list system1.example.invalid

Display history of a system in JSON format started from 2019-06-25:

bkr system-history-list system1.example.invalid --since 2019-06-25

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